Winter is Here

Winter is here! Well technically it's just a day away, but it's not too late to "winterize" your roof now before the consistently low temperatures and bitter cold winds set in. We've compiled a checklist that you can do to ensure that your roof is ready for what appears to be an interesting winter.

In most cases, as a homeowner you can perform most of these tasks yourself, but should you feel uncomfortable with any of these, just give us a call and we'll be more than happy to complete all of them for you.

  1. Look for any damaged, loose, missing shingles or broken tiles.
  2. Check all vents, flashing, skylights if you have any and joints of the roof.
  3. Check the valleys and peaks of your roof. These places are the most susceptible to leaks.
  4. Make sure your gutters and downspouts are clean and free from any fall debris like twigs, leaves or sticks. Check their drainage so that they are draining properly and there are no leaks.
  5. Removal of any branches on trees on the roof or located near your rooftop.

If everything looks good then you are good to go, but it also might be wise to have an inspection done of your roof’s underlayment system. This should be carried out by a professional to make sure that any water or ice related issues don't become big problems during the winter. Going through this checklist and performing the above actions or hiring a professional like Prime Seamless Gutters & Roofing, LLC to do it will keep the integrity of your roof intact. We wish you a safe and wonderful holiday season.