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Needed to install gutters for awhile and honestly was dragging my feet on the whole process but after receiving several quotes I went with Prime Gutters and couldn’t be happier. Pricing was incredibly reasonable especially for the quality not only in materials but customer service! They were respectful and made sure to keep me completely updated on the process. Actually looking forward to it raining now. Thanks guys!

– Ash B., Austin, TX

Quality That’s Through the Roof!

Roof & gutters so beautiful your neighbors can’t help but stop and stare.

Gutters are the unsung hero of roofing materials. They are often overlooked and unnoticed until something goes wrong. The truth is, they are what cap off a good roof installation. They protect not only the foundation but the entire exterior. They are responsible for managing moisture and roof debris and making sure whatever is going on outside stays outside. 

Common Signs You Need to Either Repair or Replace Your Gutters

If your gutters aren’t doing their job properly, it puts your roof and your home at risk of serious damage. It’s important to keep an eye on them and watch for these common signs that it might be time for a repair or replacement. 

  • Aging – Even the best gutter systems get old. Most of the time, they will last as long as the roof does, but if they begin to rust, corrode, sag, or fail, it’s probably time to replace them. 
  • Poor Installation – Gutters are secured to the fascia boards or rafter tails along the roof perimeter. If they are not installed properly, they don’t work correctly and should be repaired or replaced as they can cause water-related problems aroundHere are some signs you may need to repair or replace your gutters in Austin, TX. your home.  
  • Blockage – This usually is due to debris in the gutter and doesn’t require a full replacement – but they should be cleaned and repaired if necessary.
  • Pipe Blockage – If clogs aren’t cleared, it can cause problems in the rainwater pipes as well. These are the pipes that connect it to the ground and allow water to flow properly. If the downspout pipe is clogged, it will cause backflow and, if left long enough, can cause wood rot where the gutter overflows.
  • Cracks, Holes, or Rust Spots – Any of these are sure signs of damage to your gutter system. You may need to replace a section or the entire structure if left unattended. Systems nowadays are mostly made from aluminum, so rust is no longer a problem with today’s systems.
  • Broken Fasteners – The fasteners, or hangers, are what hold the gutter to the facia or rafter tails. When these break, you open up your gutter system for failure and even run the risk of them falling off the house entirely. This can cause damage to outside walls, foundations, and landscaping.
  • Pulling Away from the Roof – Old systems were installed using a technique called “spike and ferrule.” If you’ve hammered in the spikes time and time again and the gutter is still pulling away from the roof, it may be a problem with the fascia boards, as these holes expand and contract over time. The weight of the water will pull on the gutter and they will continue to come out. This is a never-ending cycle that will result in a replacement. 
  • Sagging – Areas of sagging cause the water to pool in certain sections and spill over. This is a time to consider replacing your system. 

Benefits of Investing in a New Gutter System

Installing new gutters is a step towards proactive prevention to take care of the roof, foundation, and exterior of your home.  

  • Keeps Your Home from Decay – Your home is likely lined with materials like tar paper and plywood. These are not waterproof. Without proper drainage, water can seep inside and cause major damage that literally tears your home apart.
  • Keeps Insects Away – Mosquitos and insects that are attracted to water can end up inside your home if you don’t sweep them away in your system. Gutters reduce the risk of standing water and help your home stay pest-free.
  • Prevent Mold and Keeps Your Foundation Strong – If the exterior of your home holds on to too much moisture, it can cause mold inside the walls. Mold can be damaging and difficult to remove, but a strong gutter system can prevent mold from setting in. Moreover, a gutter system can keep the water away from your foundation since water can seep into the foundation, soften the soil, and cause your home to actually shift and crack.

There are many benefits for new gutter installations in Austin, TX

  • Create a Neater Look – Gutters simply add a beautiful finishing touch to your home. They are a small element that makes a huge difference in curb appeal.
  • Protects Your Landscaping – Once you have a gutter system, you should be free to install any landscaping and be free of watershed destroying your new beautiful foliage. Gutters will keep water from washing away topsoil, creating divots and ruts alongside the home, and keep mulch in its place. If you have landscaping, you NEED gutters.

Types of Gutters We Repair, Replace, and Install

We work with the most popular types of gutters used in the area of Austin. They come in dozens of colors to create a beautiful, seamless look to your home. If you’re not sure which type of gutter is best for you, our contractors in Austin can help you decide.

  1. Half Round Gutters – These look like a tube that has been cut in half. The symmetrical U-shape complements modern home styles as well as those of older, historic homes. The smooth, curved inside is more effective at washing out debris than flat-bottom gutters.There are two main types of gutters to choose from in Austin, TX.
  2. K-Style Gutters – The outer shape of this type of gutter is designed to resemble crown molding rather than being perfectly round or half-circle shaped. They hold more water than a rounded gutter and are less likely to bend when damaged, making them one of the stronger options. These come in different sizes:
    • 5-Inch – A 5-inch gutter is typically sufficient for most homes. This is our standard gutter system that works great for many homeowners in the Austin, TX area. 
    • 6-Inch – This is our gutter of choice as it outperforms the smaller systems on the market. This is a good choice for homes in the Austin, TX area because we live in an area that gets significantly more rainwater and a 6-inch gutter can actually hold 40% more water than a 5-inch system. 
    • 7-Inch – Many homes with Spanish tile roofing will opt for the larger 7-inch gutters. Because of the tile roofing overhang, the larger gutters extend past the roofing and do a better job of collecting water.  

Commonly Used Materials Used by Prime SeamlessThere are multiple types of gutters to choose from in Austin, TX.

There are three main materials that we use for gutters at Prime Seamless, Austin: copper, aluminum, and galvalume.

  1. Copper – If you want a gutter system you’ll never have to replace – go with copper. When installed properly, a copper gutter system will typically last a lifetime! It will likely outlast you, and of course, it’s beautiful and elegant. 
  2. 27 Gauge Painted Aluminum – This is the industry standard for gutters. They are easy to install and budget-friendly. They work well on most homes, but a thicker 32 gauge, can be specially ordered and is typically used in regions with snow or ice. 
  3. Galvalume Steel – Galvalume is typically used in roofing materials but is also a popular choice for gutters. Their curb appeal combined with their longevity makes them a much more appealing gutter system.

Frequently Asked Questions

For most homeowners, aluminum gutters are the top choice. Why? – mostly budgetary. It does its job well and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. To find the best gutter for your home and needs, it’s best to contact a professional gutter installer.

Aluminum and vinyl gutters, the most common types, have an average lifespan of 20 years. Copper and even steel gutters are both higher-end options and can last up to 50 years or more.

Gutters typically need to be replaced about every 20 years but can last longer with proper care. If you keep them clear of debris and well-maintained, they can last as long (or sometimes longer) than the roof itself.

Why Choose Prime Seamless?

Before we start working on your gutter system, we provide a thorough inspection and project plan. This includes photos of the house and detailed schematics of the gutter system of where everything is going to be and the drainage map. 

Each project we do exceeds the minimum building code requirements in Austin, TX to ensure our homeowners are safe from damage and liability. We pride ourselves on providing proper expectations for each job and striving for dependability, accountability, and integrity with each step along the way.

Do You Need Help?

Gutters aren’t just nice, they are essential to protecting your home. If you have questions about your gutter repair or replacement, give us a call. Prime Seamless Gutters & Roofing is the leading choice for gutter repair and installation in Austin because of our decades of experience, excellent workmanship, and great products.

We can install beautiful and durable seamless gutters in Austin, TX custom-made to fit your home properly and perform better than any other generic gutter system. Give us a call today!

Quality That’s Through the Roof!

Roof & gutters so beautiful your neighbors can’t help but stop and stare.