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Robert and his crew installed gutters yesterday on my new home. They did an awesome job and the gutters look great! I had considered installing them myself, but no way I could have matched this professional installation and final look. Hopefully I won’t need any more gutters, but would highly recommend Prime Seamless for a quality job well done!

– Frosty Forster, Austin, TX

Quality That’s Through the Roof!

Roof & gutters so beautiful your neighbors can’t help but stop and stare.

Gutters are designed to protect your home and foundation from water. As they catch rainfall, they also catch leaves, sticks, twigs, bugs, debris, trash, and even small animals. When this happens, and your gutters become clogged, your drainage system is compromised.

Gutter guards are designed to keep your gutters working properly and prevent anything larger than a grain of sand from getting caught and clogging your gutters. 

Why Is It Important To Install A Gutter Cover?

Gutter guards, also called gutter covers, naturally prevent many of the hassles that homeowners experience with gutters. These are just a few of the top reasons why our customers love their gutter guards.

It is important to install gutter guards in Austin, TX.

  • Keep Debris out of Your Gutters – This is the number one reason we recommend gutter guards. They eliminate debris from building up and causing problems in and around your home. 
  • Eliminate Maintenance by 70% – Typically, homeowners must get on the roof themselves or hire a gutter-cleaning service several times a year. With a gutter guard, this maintenance is virtually eliminated. 
  • Prevent Rust – Traditional gutters are prone to water clogs and then rusting when that water sits over time. This rust will eventually corrode and cause major problems for your drainage and your roof. The guard prevents this rust by eliminating the clogs.
  • Save Money – Guards pay for themselves over time by saving you the time, energy, and cost associated with traditional gutter cleaning services and water damage repairs.
  • Protect Your Home – Unkept gutters lead to ice dams, clogs, and serious damage to your roof, walls, siding, foundation, and landscaping. 
  • Extend Gutter and Roof Lifespan – The guards will extend the lifespan of your gutters and also your roof. Standard gutters tend to form pools of standing water leading to rust, mold, and corrosion. They provide superior protection to prolong the life of your entire roofing system. 
  • Prevent Any Kind of Damage – Gutter guards prevent water from dripping down the side of your home and causing extensive damage, which often leads to mold and mildew growth. They also help in alleviating ice dams and gutter freezing. In addition, gutter guards serve as a form of fire protection because they keep away debris that can be caught in a fire. Finally, they prevent clogging and blocking of the gutters, which can lead to damage to both your roof and foundation.  

Signs You Need A Gutter Protection System

A gutter protection system is usually just an afterthought, but it’s actually one of the best retrofits you can buy for your home. They are designed to keep leaves, dirt, and other debris out of your gutters so that your gutters can do their job properly.

Regardless of the signs mentioned below, we recommend you install a protection system for the better functioning of your gutter.

Periodic clogging or rusting are just a few examples of signs you may need gutter guards in Austin, TX

  • Periodic Clogged Gutter – Gutters need to be clean and free-flowing in order to work properly. If you have frequent clogs in your gutters that require cleaning, you would benefit from a gutter guard.
  • Rusting Gutters – This is often due to constant flooding. Rusting and corrosion lead to compromised gutter systems. 
  • Constant Gutter Overflow – Some areas of the country experience torrential downpours that overwhelm a standard gutter system. If you have constant overflows, it is likely causing water damage to your home and could be remedied with gutter protection.
  • Visible Water Stains & Spots – If your home has been discolored by stains or water spots, this is a sign that your gutter system is not doing its job and it’s time for increased protection. 
  • Frequent Cleaning – Constantly cleaning your gutters is a drain on your time and money. Gutter guards eliminate the need for ongoing cleaning and maintenance. 

The Gutter Cover We Recommend

E-Z Step Down is the primary gutter guard we use for our customers in Austin, TX. We do offer other types at different price points, but the E-Z Step Down System is the popular choice. This simple system snaps into place with spring tension. It can snap in and out when necessary and eliminate 99% of the debris in your gutters. 

E-Z Step Down is our primary gutter guard choice for Austin, TX.


  • Medium to heavy debris loads with small-sized holes 
  • Stepped-down front for strength, angle in the back with spring-tension action for installation without disturbing the shingles
  • Powder-coated steel 
  • .028 expanded galvanized steel 
  • For use with hidden hangers 

E-Z Step Down comes in 4-foot lengths at 5” or 6” widths. While the product is simple, there are a variety of installation techniques that vary from situation to situation, depending on your roof shape and size. It is important to use a trained installer like Prime Seamless to use the best method based on your application. 

Gutter Cover FAQs

Gutter screens using fine mesh, or a grid screen are the most effective gutter guard systems available. This is why we commonly use the E-Z Step Down system, as it prevents 99% of debris from entering the gutter system.

Gutter guards vary in cost based on location and type of guard. However, a general estimate is between $7-$10 per foot installed. Today’s average home has about 200 feet of gutter, so homeowners should expect to pay about $1,500 and $2,000 for professional installation.

The short answer is yes – there are some DIY products on the market. However, we don’t recommend installing a gutter guard yourself. First, cleaning gutters and installing the guards can be dangerous and must be done standing on a ladder or climbing onto the roof. Second, the installation should be done carefully to ensure you don’t compromise the integrity of your roof or fascia. Third, the DIY products are not the same quality as the wholesale products sold only to professional roofing contractors. For these reasons, it’s best to hire Prime Seamless to install your gutter guards in Austin, TX.

Why Choose Prime Seamless?

At Prime Seamless in Austin, TX, we take great pride in providing efficient work for your roof and gutters that is done right the first time. We specialize in cost-effective, premium rain gutters and residential roofing. We offer full-service seamless gutters in Austin with years of experience in rain gutter repair, installations, and cleaning. Regardless of your home decor, you can rest assured we have a rain gutter system just for you and your budget.

Prime Seamless is the #1 resource for Austin gutters as we carry only high-quality, long-lasting rain gutters to service the Austin, TX, and surrounding areas. As an Angie’s List Super Service Award Winner for 10 years in a row, and a local company right here in Austin, we value our customers and are a partner in our community. 

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With our gutter guards, there’s no need to worry about clogs or the hassles of cleaning. Your gutters will simply function properly and drain rainwater much better as a result of being clean. Protecting your gutters pays for itself, as you’ll get to eliminate costly gutter cleanings and roofer fees. No matter the size of your property, we can design and install a gutter protection system that works for you. For more information or to schedule an estimate in the Austin area, call us today.

Quality That’s Through the Roof!

Roof & gutters so beautiful your neighbors can’t help but stop and stare.